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Compare brokers from different agencies within 48 hours and find the best one for you!

KoduLine helps you to compare the skills and terms of over 200 of the best Estonian brokers and find the best one for you!

Buying and selling real estate is a transaction of a lifetime.


Your request will reach 200 brokers from more than 70 different offices, where you can remain anonymous until you hire a broker. Using the KoduLine system to find and recruit a broker is free of charge for the user, and submitting an inquiry does not oblige you to recruit a broker.

Enter your wish to sell or rent a property for which you need help from a trusted broker.

Brokers interested in representing you will apply within 48 hours. We create fair competition.

You decide in private and at a time that suits you. The terms offered by the broker of your choice are also the terms of the cooperation agreement. If you can't find one, you don't have to choose.

Screenshot: compare brokers and hire the best one

Not all brokers are equal ...

✓ Brokers’ PERFORMANCE FEES are not standard and nothing is carved in stone.

✓ Brokers offer a wide range of services included in the COMMISSION fee.

✓ Brokers HAVE different qualifications and each property requires its own skills

✓ EVERY broker does marketing in his own way and each property needs its own marketing plan

✓ The best brokers always work with other brokers so that no one is left out

The broker of my choice sold the apartment in a week and at twice the price I would have dared to ask. Super!


Very convenient! You can post the object description once, instead of having to write to each broker separately. When a broker applies, as a recruiter, you will receive very detailed information about what the service fee is and what service details are within that fee. I will definitely use this site in the future yet!


I have advertised it to many friends and praised it to heaven. The sale of my apartment and the purchase of a new one took place miraculously, all transactions within a month. (of course also thanks to the super broker, whom of course I found with your help! Thank you !!)


Thank You!