For Brokers

KoduLine is Estonia’s first common working environment for real estate brokers.

Here at KoduLine environment, brokers can:

✔ Find motivated clients who are selling or buying real estate

✔ Share non-public information about real estate for sale and indicate the amount of commission to be shared with another broker

✔ Share current information with other brokers

✔ Make real money by brokering the services of partners

✔ Find a local broker to work with in your area

KoduLine has just opened its doors and new users sign up every day – brokers, partners and new information from the other brokers. The environment is brought to life by brokers who operate here and, in turn, invite brokers who have not yet joined the environment.

Knowing your dreams, we’ve created a place where clients who are motivated to sell their real estate with the help of a broker turn to you. All you have to do is be quick and send your cooperation offer within 48h.

Why should a broker join?

KoduLine environment provides fast information on the broker’s operating principles, qualifications and feedback from peers. Also internationally.

This environment brings together all the brokers who are trustworthy and cooperative. When participating in the environment, brokers have made a commitment to comply with the Code of Good Practice for Brokers and to cooperate with other brokers. A great way to see other brokers, their willingness to cooperate and contact them directly if you wish.

What does my customer win?

Brokers in the KoduLine environment can provide clients with information on real estate offerings that are not yet public and receive better cooperation offers from our partners.

At the same time, it is possible to find a buyer quickly during the pre-sale period and thus serve the client more efficiently.

How to join?

  1. Request an invitation from another broker:
    Any broker who is already a user in this environment can send a VIP invitation to any other broker with whom they have worked with.
  2. Apply through home page:
    If the broker has not been invited but is following the Code of Good Practice for Brokers and is happy to cooperate with others, you can request access from our team members by filling out this Google Docs application!

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